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Boeing forecasts 1150 new commercial aircraft for India by 2030

New Delhi. India will purchase 1150 commercial aircraft worth US $ 130 billion over the next 20 years, according to a Boeing assessment.

Boeing’s India President Dinesh Keskar, a noted civil aviation expert, formally released his company’s forecast for India, pointing out that the growth of passenger traffic within and from India was more than the world average after the recent global downturn., pointing out that India “went through the deepest recession in the history of aviation but now India’s recovery is one of the fastest.”

“We believe there will be a record 50 million passengers this year” as against 44 million passengers ferried by Indian carriers in 2009. India has already enjoyed 22 per cent growth in air traffic this year as compared to 2009.

Keskar also said that India accounted for more than four percent of Boeing commercial airplanes’ worldwide forecast.

“The potential for future growth of air travel, both domestically and internationally, is among the greatest in the world.”

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