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Airbus Lands at India Aviation 2016

• Sets its sights on exceeding $2 billion in cumulative procurement in the 5 years up to 2020 • The Group is making in India through 45+ suppliers, supporting over 6000 local jobs • Every Airbus commercial aircraft produced today is partly ‘Made in India’

NEW DELHI. Airbus makes its presence felt at India Aviation 2016 being organized in Hyderabad from March 16-20. Visitors to its stand (# 9) in Hall A will find scale models of the A380 (the world’s most spacious and quiet passenger aircraft), the A350 XWB (the latest generation airliner available on the market today) and the A320neo (the world’s best-selling and most fuel efficient single aisle aircraft) on display besides detailed information on Airbus’ entire product portfolio.

In addition a customer A350 XWB aircraft and a customer A380 aircraft is on static display for a part of the week.
Airbus is India’s aircraft of choice with over 70 per cent market share in the country. It is at the forefront of the ‘Make in India’ initiative and is fostering long term partnerships with India’s civil aviation sector. This means plugging India in its global procurement and engineering value chain.

In 2015, Airbus’ annual procurement from India exceeded $500 million from over 45 suppliers, together employing more than 6,000 people. As a result, every Airbus aircraft being produced today is partly made-in-India. It has now set its sights on exceeding $2 billion in cumulative sourcing over the next 5 years up to 2020.

airindia-2Around 400 engineers are working for Airbus in India in core areas such as structural analysis, digital mock-up, avionics software design & testing and computational fluid dynamics. A specialised team of engineers and researchers is engaged in developing futuristic aviation technologies. Several hundred more are employed at the two dedicated design centres, operated by partners, in Bengaluru.

In a first for any foreign aerospace and defence original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in India, Airbus Group exceeded the $500 million annual procurement mark from India in 2015. Over 6,000 people at more than 45 suppliers, both public and private, are directly engaged in providing Engineering & IT Services, Aero-structures, Detail parts & Systems, Materials and Cabins to the group for several of its leading platforms including A380, A350 XWB, A320 Family, A330, C295W, A400M, Eurofighter, Tiger and NH90.

The Group has now set its sights on exceeding $2 billion in cumulative procurement, covering both civil and defence, in the five years up to 2020. The last year’s figure represents a 15 per cent growth over 2014. Overall, Airbus Group’s procurement from India has grown 16 times in the last decade. Today, every Airbus commercial aircraft being produced is partly Made in India.

“Indian suppliers are a cornerstone of our globalisation strategy,” said Klaus Richter, Chief Procurement Officer, Airbus Group and Airbus. “Many of the projects with our Indian partners have been very successful and we aim to further strengthen these relationships in the future.”

“We are already making in India via our suppliers and this is independent of any offset obligations,” says Pierre de Bausset, President & MD, Airbus Group India. “If our proposals to produce the C295W military transporter in India together with Tata and military helicopters along with Mahindra materialise, we will help set-up system integration and final assembly lines which will spawn an Indian defence supplier base that will be second to none globally.”
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) makes half of the entire A320 Family forward passenger doors produced worldwide. Dynamatic Technologies makes flap track beams for the A320 Family on a global single source basis and was given the contract last year to manufacture them for the A330 Family. Flap track beams are the assemblies on which the wings extend and retract every time the aircraft takes-off and lands.

Mahindra Aerospace is on contract from Premium Aerotec, an Airbus Group company, to supply more than a million aero-components per year. Aequs has a dedicated machining facility in Belagavi, the largest of its kind in India.