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Lockheed Martin Offers M28 STOL for Civil and Military Applications

Singapore. Lockheed Martin is making a new offer to India: its M28 Skytruck for easy connectivity from the icy Himalayan heights to the country’s remote islands in the Indian Ocean. According to Air Vice Marshal AJS Walia, Regional Executive India and South Asia, the M28 Skytruck is a robust aircraft capable of operating from short and semi-paved airfields in mountains or hot and humid elevations on Indian shores and islands. It is a flying machine ideally suited also for building regional connectivity in line with India’s new civil aviation policy, a draft of which has been circulated to the industry.

sikorskyFor Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) under this policy, airlines will need small aircraft capable of operating from small airfields, 24×7, and that is where the M28 Skytruck comes in. When required, Lockheed Martin will bring the aircraft to India for a demonstration. In an interaction with ABC Aviation here, AVM Walia pointed out that while the design of the aircraft evolved in Ukraine during the Soviet days, it was now powered by American engines and avionics and was deployed in Afghanistan even in special operations role to land of pick up around 20 passengers. Because of its great design and capability to operate from difficult areas it was designated Skytruck.