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Tripartite agreement between Aviators, Air Medical Group and Airbus Helicopters for air medical services in India

New Delhi. India will soon benefit from world-class air ambulance services with a fleet of EC135 T3/P3 helicopters as the result of a tripartite agreement involving Aviators Air Rescue Private Limited an Indian national operator, Air Medical Group Holdings Inc. a leading air medical provider in the United States and Airbus Helicopters.

This joint effort will initiate a new era of helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) in India beginning last quarter of 2015, using three Airbus Helicopters-built EC135 T3/P3 helicopters operated by Aviators in India’s southern region. More EC135 T3/P3s are expected to be phased in during 2016 for expanded nationwide coverage, an Airbus statement siad here November 18.

The establishment of these operations – including the training of pilots and medical personnel, along with the definition of practices and procedures – will be supported by Airbus Helicopters and Air Medical Group Holdings Inc. Aviators’ HEMS services will be offered to state governments, rescue groups, hospitals, clinics, public and private companies, as well as for individuals through subscription.

“We are extremely satisfied with the selection of the EC135 T3/P3 helicopter which is certain to meet the challenges of HEMS operations in India,” expressed Arun Sharma, Managing Director of Aviators Air Rescue Private Limited. “With the support of Airbus Helicopters and Air Medical Group Holdings which are leaders in their respective fields, Aviators will provide India with top-notch air medical services that will be on par with established HEMS operations in the United States and Europe.”

The EC135 T3/P3 is Airbus Helicopters’ latest member of its twin-engine EC135 product line. With its significantly improved hot/high performance, increased maximum take-off weight and extended range, the EC135 T3/P3 is well suited for deployment in India – from the high temperature conditions in the south to the high altitude environment of the country’s north.

Other designed-in features of the EC135 family that match this helicopter to the most demanding HEMS operations are its unobstructed cabin, oversized sliding side doors and the rear clamshell doors that enable rapid loading/unloading of patients and equipment. Additional safety margins are provided with the EC135’s high-set main rotor and shrouded Fenestron® tail rotor, which facilitate the ground movement of personnel – even with the rotors turning, and allows the helicopter to take off and land in confined areas.

“By selecting the EC135 T3/P3, Aviators will benefit from the capabilities of a helicopter family that has become the benchmark for HEMS missions worldwide,” explained Xavier Hay, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters’ customer center in India. “We are ready to assist Aviators with our global emergency medical helicopter expertise and our India-based support and services team, which will be further reinforced by the hands-on operational experience of Air Medical Group Holdings Inc.”

Nearly 1,200 EC135 family aircraft have been delivered worldwide, with a combined total of more than three million recorded flight hours.

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